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I decided to sell my house

I'm going to put my house for sale. What an important decision, the sale of your home.

It is important to set a date for sale, the decision must be firm and go for all.

It is essential to have an excellent photo quality, so we will get more people interested in making the visit to the property. The house should be left ready for the report and subsequent visits with interested clients. For this, we will depersonalize the house, we will eliminate decorative details that contain a lot of color, we will leave neutral color curtains, sheets of light colored beds and we will remove all the portraits that we have in the different rooms. In short, we will leave the house in "showcase" mode, ready for its start-up. We will give positioning to each one of the photographs of the house to make sure we get the most outreach.

Launch of the publication of the house, it is very important that the house is exposed in the maximum of high-level advertising portals in PREMIUM format nationally and internationally, it is somewhat expensive, but it is worth it. Taking care of the quality of the description to the maximum, taking into account the structure of the text to take maximum advantage of the positioning in the network. The property will be announced in the languages ​​that have been strategically chosen beforehand to bring the advertisement to the type of client that best fits the product we are going to launch.

Determine the price to the market, we must be aware of the reality, the buyer who is in home search mode, discard your product immediately whenever you are out of market price, as incredible as the photographs and well positioned find the ad To find the right price, we will carry out a market study, our neighbors will determine the price of our home, although with the services of a professional we will obtain the maximum benefit.

We have already published the announcements, we began to receive clients interested in visiting, "WHAT NERVES

We start with the filter of really interested clients, we must detect the type of client that is interested in visiting to optimize our time to the maximum. Dismiss customers who can not obtain financing or who really just want to walk around and see where in the distant future they will decide to buy or not ... We will fix visits only with potential buyers.

Visits; we will prepare the house for the visits, all the windows open, lights on even in the daytime and free of clutter and personal photographs. A touch of soft air freshener that invites you to enter your future home.

Close of sale, we will adapt to the buyer client, after all the human being moves by emotions. It is important that we offer the client extra information about the house, current financing conditions and that we facilitate the reservation of the house, always providing formal documents with mutual commitment of reservation. We will set a signature date for the corresponding deposit or purchase option and we will mark a maximum date of sale in Notary with the corresponding delivery of keys.

We will prepare for the public deed signing before a Notary. In the next Post we will detail the documentation and steps necessary for seller and buyer to organize the purchase and sale firm.
For all this and more, having a team of professionals such as GestPropiedad Real Estate, SL will bring you endless advantages:

1.- Homestaging Advice
2.- Professional photo report - video with internal positioning
3.- Launch in premium format in national and international advertising portals
4.- Position study of potential buyers clients
5.- Elaboration description with positioning and writing in selected languages
6.- Market study and determination of exit price
7.- Launching and mailing in area
8.- Client filtering
9.- Schedule visits
10.- Prepare the home for visits
11.- Financial study for the buyer
12.- Commercial closing and negotiation
13.- Housing reservation
14.- Elaboration and signature of Arras Contract
15.- Tax and legal advice in charge of the company for public deed signing organization
16.- Signature Accompaniment
17.- Celebration of the sale of your property with your trusted real estate agent.


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